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Jewelry, home dcor, gifts and works of art handmade by artisans and artists from Thailand.


Just like the Ethnic Shoulder Bags of featured artisan Chirada, Ezistock connects the lover of quality, limited-edition collectibles with many independent artisans and artists from Thailand.

We've found the right merchants who preserve local artistic traditions while using renewable resources in an ethical labor environment. Our connection means we can provide you with high-quality yet cost-efficient craftsmanship while providing our artisans with a higher percentage of the proceeds. Fewer "middle men" means savings for you the customer while providing a better profit for the artisan.

Take a look at the creations of featured artisan Chirada along with all our site's other items.

You'll see why we say you can "Shop with Confidence."

Handmade gemstones jewelry
Handmade Gemstones Jewelry
Collectible fairies figurines
Collectible Figurines
Handmade clothing and apparel
Spiritual and religious paintings from Thailand
Spiritual Paintings
Handmade mulberry paper journals and albums
Mulberry Paper Journals and Albums
Handmade silver jewelry
Silver Jewelry
Handmade handbags from Thailand
Handmade benjarong porcelain from Thailand
Benjarong Porcelain
Thai Impressionism Paintings
Impressionism Paintings
Handmade silk scarves from Thailand
Thai Silk Scarves
Handmade Necklaces
Handmade Necklaces
Handcrafted shoulder bags
Shoulder Bags
Handmade beaded jewelry
Beaded Jewelry
Handcrafted cosmetics handbags
Cosmetics Handbags
Celadon statuettes from Thailand
Celadon Statuettes
Handmade wood home decor
Wood Home Decor
Handmade purses and wallets
Purses and Wallets
Handmade aromatherapy from Thailand
Prints from Thailand
Thailand Prints
Marcasite jewelry from Thailand
Marcasite Jewelry
Handmade lacquerware from Thailand<
Handmade wood jewelry
Wood Jewelry
Abstract paintings from Thailand
Abstract Paintings
Non Profit Collection
Non-Profit Collection
Hand-tooled leather jewelry
Leather Jewelry
Handmade backpacks
Handmade cushion covers
Cushion Covers
Thailand Hill Tribe Bags
Hill Tribe Bags
Handmade bracelets
Leather Silhouettes from Thailand
Leather Silhouettes
Naif paintings from Thailand
Naif Paintings
Resin statuettes
Thai Silk Wall Hanging
Silk Wall Hanging
Pop Art Paintings from Thailand
Pop Art Paintings
Handmade Earrings
Handmade Earrings
Thai Ethnic Accessories
Ethnic Accessories
Handmade Brooches
Handmade ethnic jewelry
Ethnic Jewelry
Handmade ceramic vases
Ceramic Vases
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